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Un progetto musicale, un viaggio, una scoperta, quando il funk ha conquistato l'Africa nel 1974

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The "Rumble in the jungle"

In the fall of 1974 in Kinshasa, Zaire was held the fight between Mohamed Ali vs George Foreman.

For this occasion was organized the music festival: 

“Rumble in the Jungle”.

One of the major act was James Brown’s show.

​​The music show

The show of Western musicians inspired a large group of African musicians to the point of generating a wave of local funk productions by major and minor labels in the following years.

The african productions

The productions from the stylistic and technical point of view have, of course, a totally different character from the American funk, taking the tribal and characteristic characters of Africa.

The voice of Africa

The voices and instruments recall the echo of the energy captured in the evening of Rumble in the jungle but with an unmistakable character that only Africa can impress.

Unfortunately, these vinyl productions have become rare to find, due to the extremely hot African climate and the culture of maintaining such a delicate format.

In fact, entire warehouses of vinyl were found completely glued and ruined and rendered illegible by the sand.

In general, very few copies have been saved.

The Production

​The project is inspired by the passion and the desire to analyze and recreate these sounds and master the creative process through these traces of leftover time.

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Electric Funk met tribal energy